Our kombucha blends


bloom - jasmine green tea 茉莉綠茶菌

The original - this gentle floral green tea is perfect for virgin kombucha drinkers, it is our go to blend at any time of the day!

GEUNG - goji berry & ginger green tea 杞子薑綠茶菌

A bold blend with a ginger "kick" that will bring you back to your senses. Combined with organic goji berries to energize your mind! 

ps. our customer favorite

SAWADEE-CHA - lime basil black tea 青檸羅勒紅茶菌

Ever crave for a tropical holiday? This refreshing blend will remind you of the good days spent relaxing by the sea. Perfect for when you need to fight off Monday (or any day really) blues.

VEGGIE LOVE - beetroot black tea 紅菜頭紅茶菌

This pink kombucha will make you fall in love... literally. Green generally means healthy, but in this case, veggie lovers go for pink! We really recommend this if you love yourself :)





wonderwood - piney, woody green tea 香草綠茶菌

Founder's favorite! Imagine a walk in the woods, taking in all the smells of trees and nature. Refreshing, yet herbal, Wonderwood takes you on a trip into the wild. Expect hints of rosemary, juniper berries, and other magical spices in this blend.

Woof-long - Osmanthus oolong 桂花烏龍茶菌

Our seasonal blend featuring dark oolong with hints of osmanthus and orange peel.


Taboo goes home - grapefruit sage green tea                西柚鼠尾草綠茶菌

Originally created for HOME - EAT TO LIVE, this fruity blend has tangy grassy tones, infused with butterfly pea flowers to create a beautiful violet color.